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Fitness Gifts: Fitness Gadgets Help You Stay On Track

Fitness Park:?Not yet

(Useful for all of us desk-workers who are killing ourselves by sitting eight or more hours a day.) Striiv Play Striiv Play, $69.95 This tracker is a little less comprehensive than the two above. It tracks calories and steps but instead of just giving you graphs, the Striiv incentivizes the process, according to PCMag. There are little games and personal challenges and a social-media option, which is great for fitness fun but less useful for more serious athletes. Nike+ FuelBand Nike+ FuelBand, $149 This sexy bracelet looks a little better than it performs, experts say. It functions well as a tracker of motion counting steps and counting miles and converts them into fuel, assigning certain point values to specific activities. You set your fuel goal at the beginning of the day and it tracks your activity and awards you the corresponding fuel points.
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Fitbit City Parks and Recreation Director Mary Ann Nau said on Wednesday that the "city will be covering that equipment... tarping it for the winter." She reiterated that the fitness elements at DeFrees Park are not open to the public at this time. Several steps will have to take place before the park can open. The agreement states that the Community Mobilization Initiative, the entity comprised of local businesses that has funded the project, will install signage regarding use of the equipment.
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